Thank YOU, Andy for your great contributions to the Club!


Andy Mok has been the President of The Wharton Club of Beijing since May 2012. Due to the extreme demands of his work, he recently decided to resign as president and also from the board. 
The Wharton Club of Beijing would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the efforts and contributions that Andy has made to the Club.
Marvin Mao will assume the role of Interim President for the Club until the election next year. Along with Marvin, the Club will be led by the following board directors who will continue to serve:
  • Kai Hong: VP of Event
  • Andrea Chang: VP of Marketing
  • Tomer Rothschild: VP School Liaison and Sponsorship
  • Robert Zou
  • Jim Zhang 
Additionally, Davin Mackenzie, Robert Zou, and Jim Zhang will continue to serve as Advisory Board to the Club providing continuous guidance and support.
The Wharton Club of Beijing